View Souce Code Of Any Website On Your Mobile Device

Written by Lucretius | Last Updated


It is possible to view the source code of a web-page on your mobile device but it is not as easy as viewing a web-page's source code on your desktop computer.
To view the source code on your computer, you will just right-click the page in your browser and select view page source but on your mobile device, it's really different.
Well, we are going to discuss how to view the source code of any webpage on your mobile device. Do note that, if the web page was written in PHP, you won't see all the code as some of it will be executed on the server. What you might see instead is the output of the server results.

Steps On How to View Source Code

  1. First of all, open your web browser.
  2. Then you visit the web-page which you want to view it's source code.

    Image of chrome web browser
  3. Edit the address bar and prepend "view-source:" before the address of the website

    Viewing source code of a web page
  4. Press the enter button and the source code of the page will load into view

    source code of google page

Even though we used Chrome for the illustration, it works the same way in all mobile browsers.