Crypt Text

The best open-source text editor which cares about the safety of your documents.
Do the typing and let Crypt Text handle the encryption.

Crypt Text is a fully functional text editor. It enables you to encrypt your documents on the go.
It is equipped with ciphers, many of them, for you to use to encrypt your documents.


More insight...

Before we get on to Crypt Text, let me tell you some interesting facts.
Some of you may know, maybe others don't know, but do you know that your emails are not secure as you think it is?
Maybe it's true, maybe it's not but one thing we are sure of is that, someone wants to read our messages and documents.
That someone may be the government, spouse, family member, hacker, ... and the list continues.
Well, they all want to read our messages simply because they can read, if they don't understand our messages, they will surely mind their own bussiness.
The only way to write a message they wouldn't understand is to write it in another language, one which has never existed.
Now the problem arise, how do I create a new language, how do I make it so secure, how do I learn it and many many "how's".
 Good news is that, there is a simple solution. You just have to encrypt the message with a key. Then the ordinary message will turn into some kind of gibberish text just like you've created a new language. But this one, no hassle. Now your message is encrypted, you can send it in peace without having to worry that someone will read your message.
(If you even want, you can send a copy to a hacker and he won't be able to read a thing)

Bact to Crypt Text,
Now you see why it is important to encrypt your messages.
Crypt Text does that for you, it encrypts your messages in such a way that only you and the person you want to share it with can read.
It just needs a key from you and Violla, the message is encrypted.
Crypt Text provides you with 15 ciphers for you to use to encrypt your messages.
It also includes the famous AES symmetric cipher. The application is soo amazing to the extent that words cannot describe how amazing it is.
So just download and see it for yourself.

Screenshot of the application