A free and open source application which allows you to extract specific file types from one location to another.
You can either move your files or copy them from the source location to the destination.
With ExtractFrom, handling of files just become easy.


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ExtractFrom is an application that does what it's name says. It extracts specific file types from a source to a destination.
It allows you to extract your requested files from a directory to another directory. It can also extract files from compressed files like 7z and Zip files without having you to decompress those files.
By default, ExtractFrom is able to identify four file types, that is, audio, pictures, videos and documents. It uses the extension of the file to determine the type of file it is.

Example usage of ExtractFrom For example, you can tell ExtractFrom to do the following;

ExtractFrom does all that and even more. With ExtractFrom, handling of files just become easy and fun.
Now, no more looking through folders to search for a specific type of file. ExtractFrom will do that for you.

Screenshot of the application
Screenshot of ExtractFrom
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Source code can be found at Github